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Amplifiers & Instruments

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KNOWLEDGE: Through all the years of working for music stores and representing major manufacturers as their service center, we have developed a very extensive library of original schematics. Some date back to the early 1950's.

PARTS & MATERIALS: Yes, we have the things needed to repair and restore vintage vacuum tube amplifiers. We have Fender and Marshall vinyl, grill cloth, hardware, handles, and tweed. We use original manufacturer and/or exact original reproduced parts and materials in our restorations and repairs. In order to maintain a healthy stock of original parts to keep these fine amps and guitars from disappearing, we are constantly looking for old derelicts. Before you throw any amp, instrument, or effect box in the garbage, CONTACT US! Let us know what you have. If we can use it, we will be glad to make it worth your effort. 

OUR GOAL: It is our mission to save every old tube amplifier or worn out over-played guitar or bass from reaching the graveyard. Just think how great it is to hear those sounds, once again, come out of that old Ampeg, Danelectro, Echoplex, Fender, Gibson, Gretch, Guild, Kustom, Leslie Speaker System, Magnatone, Marshall, Orange, Premier, Rhodes Piano, Silvertone, Sunn, Supro, etc, etc, etc...........

FOR PRICING INFORMATION: Contact us about your amp or guitar project, and we will be glad to help you get that project on its way to completion.

We have reconditioned Wayne Newton's 1956 three neck Fender Steel Guitar & have received Album credits for the work we have done for Eric Schenkman on his Vintage guitars and Vintage amplifiers. They can be heard on the following Spin Doctors albums: Up For Grabs, Homebelly Groove, Pocketful of Kryptonite, and Turn It Upside Down. Eric's Vintage Hendrix sound can be heard on Stone Free - A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix and In From The Storm - Symphonic Hendrix.

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