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*You Have Arrived At a Very Unique and Unusual Place*

There are so many Different Types of Services we have been requested to perform over the years that, by now, there is very little that we haven't been asked to do. That's why we look forward to the Unique and Unusual Challenges requested by Our Clients. 

I know by now you have been around the block a few times and have encountered others who offer services similar to ours. You may have had some negative experiences with some of them. Most of our "First Time" clients tell us this kind of thing all the time.

For those of us who are involved in the Field of Music, most of the "Way they Operate" is Based on Opinion. That is where we are Different from the others. It is Here, at Time Electronics, that We work in the "World of Science," that is based on Fact. 

The following sign hangs on the wall in Our Showroom:

There are in Fact two Things,
Science and Opinion;
the Former Begets
the Latter

Our Goal is to Develop "Real Working Relationships" with Our Clients, that will allow Us All , to reach the "Higher Level" of Performance, in Music.

So, as you travel through Our web site, We hope you will get to feel that Your Search has ended and that Your Quest for Resolve will be found Here With Us... at Time Electronics.

Please feel free to Call or E-Mail Us with any Questions, or Comments you may have.

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We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!


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