Personal and Professional Background

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1956 Richard Karl Koerner began his well-rounded musical career playing the flute and piccolo, performing with concert, dance, marching, and jazz bands, as well as with chamber music ensembles.

Later in 1962 turning to the bass, folk, and electric guitars, Mr. Koerner added
bluegrass, folk, and rock to his repertoire. He appeared professionally with many groups including Barry Miles, The Mystic Eyes, The Chevells, and The Eddie Wright Trio. Playing with The Chevells, Mr. Koerner was one of the opening acts on the Dave Clark Five's first concert tour in the United States.

During this period, Mr. Koerner was also a studio musician, recording with The Chevells (Inner Limits, Only Girl), The Strange Loves (Cara-Lin, New Orleans), and The Angels (Till, Cry Baby Cry).

Mr. Koerner shifted his emphasis from performing to that which the audience hears, by working with producer Tom Decillis; engineering music in recording studios, and then mixing live sound for bands on tour.

The most memorable was the John McLaughlin Mahavishnu Orchestra in the early days, and more recently for the Spin Doctors, including a sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve '91, and The Great American H.O.R.D.E. tour in the summer of '92. Then in the following Tour Season, Mr. Koerner served as FOH Engineer and Audio Consultant for the start of the Spin Doctors '93 tour.

Platinum and gold CD's have replaced the album awards of the past.

A natural adjunct to what one heard, was what one learned. Many years of teaching the guitar were begun by Mr. Koerner for the noted keyboardist Joe Zeoli at the Kenilworth Music Center . His tenure included the unique, difficult, and rewarding experience of instructing two blind students.


Earning a degree in electronics with extensive vacuum tube training, Mr. Koerner left the performing arts in 1969 to establish Time Electronics. The firm has experience in all phases of the industry, including sound system construction, custom guitar building, refinishing, and restoration. Special projects such as "one-of-a-kind" guitar, bass, and amplifier prototypes and/or modifications to an individual's needs and specifications, have been, and continue to be undertaken for the music industry. Some of the artists that have benefited from this expertise are Scott Powell and John Marcellino of Sha Na Na, Elliott Randall formerly with Steely Dan, and Eric Schenkman original guitarist/founder of the Spin Doctors.

Rich Koerner with Spin Doctor's Eric Schenkman,  before Rich Engineered their Madison Square Garden Show.
In the fall of 1993 Angelo Mancuso, bassist for the Fins, first approached Mr. Koerner for an "Upright Bass" pickup system that had been designed and built for a previous client in the mid 1970's. This started a long relationship that, with Mr. Koerner's engineering experience and knowledge of music, lead the way to His producing the "Big Band" Sound, on The Fins first CD titled - Bluesprint.

In the summer of 1996 Mr. Koerner was contacted by Ashley Sheperd, from Circus Of The Sun, with the prospects of producing their new CD.  Pre-production was started, and the Beware Of Giants CD was released in the spring of 1997.

Through a twist of fate, Mr. Koerner went to see a performance of Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker and found a long lost friend from the late '60s, Bernie Worrell, playing on stage with Bruce and Baker. After the performance Mr. Koerner was re-united with Bernie, which lead to working with him as FOH and studio engineer. This gave way to FOH engineering for Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors at Woodstock 99.

Rich Koerner with Buckethead and Bootsy Collins

In 2000 Mr. Koerner returned to the performing stage with the pressure and support of both Bernie Worrell and Elliott Randall. Mr. Koerner can be seen at some of the jam clubs in New Jersey helping the younger players with his technical and musical guidance.

Time Electronics has, and/or now, represents Kustom (since 1970), Gibson guitars & amps (since 1972), Fender/Rhodes (since 1971), Sunn Musical Equipment Company (since 1974), Moog Electronics (since 1974), Mesa Engineering (since 1982), itty Hawk amplifiers, Marshall amplifiers, and Korg keyboards. In addition to its warranty and custom activities, this factory authorized service center routinely repairs, services, and modifies guitars (including pedal steel), keyboards, amplifiers, and P.A. systems for a large clientele in the eastern United States . Service, modifications, and maintenance of vintage equipment is a specialty.

With the purchase of a Bridgeport Series I Vertical Milling Machine Mr. Koerner founded Time Engineering, a consulting company, in 1979. This vehicle, traditionally used for milling metal, was modified for wood-working to accommodate the growing guitar modifications industry. Factory-like precision for such items as tremolo systems and pickup installations are routine and available through Time Electronics.

The infinite power found in today’s computer technology is utilized as an engineering tool in the development of custom instruments, amplifiers and sound systems fabricated for the client. This novel and innovative use of this technology provides clients with the services only a select few enjoy from the major manufacturers.