Custom Vacuum Tube Rack Gear Designed & Built

Through the many years that we have been providing custom modifications & custom building for our customers, we have discovered that, more often than not, the reasons for their requests were to solve a problem with their already purchased instrument, and/or the gear they selected to "reproduce" its tones of that  instrument.

Pictured above is one of the more extreme solutions that made a very discriminating bass player very happy.

The input level attenuation is handled by the volume control with input clip indicator to adjust for either passive or active instruments.  Next is the four band *active* EQ.  This is followed by the compressor with input clip indicator which has three preset compression level switches.  The *active* crossover section allows either Mono or Bi Amp operation. 

Please NOTE, I used the word "reproduce".   Below You will find three links that you may find helpful on matters of reproducing the tone of your electric instrument, be it either guitar, bass, or keyboard, ect...

It all starts here.  How to find the true voice of your instrument

Now, place this new found voice in...  The Music, the Technology, and the Philosophy

For the Bass and/or Keyboard player.  The 400-PS Experience

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