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>>> Please Note! <<<

The List Feature Is Now Active

This is a place where 400-PS owners can meet each through a clearing house of infomation. We can all share comments, pictures, e-mail links, and posted helpful tips.

Spread the word around where ever you think there may be someone who may be a 400-PS user.   As time goes on and our membership grows, we will find where all those 400's are living.  So far there are two in Europe and one 300-PS in Holland that I know of.

Please send in your pictures, with your history, comments, or any cool experiences with your 400-PS to be included on the members page.   Send in any gig pictures you may have, or any information or pictures you may have on other artists using the 400-PS.

You do not have to be a 400-PS owner to join the list and be a part of the group.

Everyone is welcome to take part.

Bass players, guitar players, keyboard players,...  EVERYONE!!!




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