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Plus 400-PS Artist Sightings

Hi Rich,

I just ran across your web site. Keep those amps alive!

My first encounter with a Fender 400 was when I used to handle sound for
Moby Grape at the Chateau Liberte' back "in the day". Bob Moseley played
his bass through one. I don't remember the bass he played or what kind
of speaker box he had (although I THINK it was a 2-15 box), but I was
duly impressed by the amp. Jerry Miller played a little tweed Fender
that was so sweet, but you couldn't hear it even standing next to it on
stage, if it wasn't miked. 'Grape was my first rock 'n roll sound
experience where I didn't have to fight with screaming lead guitar. In
fact, I had to keep a lid on Bobs bass! (The drummer just ran wild, he
was a monster that played with tree trunks for sticks.)

Alas, drugs were a constant in the 'Grape universe and were continuously
the bands undoing. (sigh)

Tom Garson
Aural Technology, Ashland, Or.



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