A Near "MINT" Fender Pro Reverb

Subject:  Hope this finds you well
From:  Monahansnj@aol.com
To:  richk@timeelect.com
Date:  8/2/07 7:42 PM

Rich, I was on the Fender website earlier and got to thinking about you and 
your shop.  You might remember me . . . .  About 8-10 years  ago, I brought my 
1968 Silverface Pro Reverb to your shop for a look-see  and cleaning (you 
later cleaned and serviced my mocha 1973 Telecaster Deluxe and  re-fretted my 
cherry sunburst 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom with new "fretless  wonders).  When I 
brought it in the door, you actually had to sit down  because you were so 
blown away by the original condition of the amp.  You  serviced it, photographed 
the beautiful work you did and posted those photos on  your website under 
"Near Mint 1968 Pro Reverb."  I was (and still am) very  proud that you featured 
the amp on your website.

I'm sorry to say that I don't get the chance to play at all anymore--with 4 
children and my profession (attorney) to tend to, I just don't find the time 
(my  darling wife did give me a Martin D-28 for my 40th birthday 5 years ago 
that I  do pick at occasionally).  But I wanted to drop you this line to let you 
 know I was thinking about you and to thank you again for the quality care 
and  craftsmanship you devoted to my gear.

Oh, and yes, I still do have the guitars and amp.  Hopefully, my  boys will 
show some interest and take over where I left off.

If you are still playing out (at Orphan Annie's?), I'd like to  know.  I'll 
come and check it out.

Best regards, Mike Monahan. 


What a surprise Mike!

It was such a pleasure having someone like you as a customer in the shop.  I don't get many customers who take such care of their amps and instruments as you have through the years.  The appreciation, respect, and care you give to them is a rare thing these days.
You can tell a lot about the character of a musician when you work on their instruments and amps for all the years I've been doing this kind of work.  To some musicians they are just tools of the trade.  To other musicians.... they are their valued treasures.

If all my customers were like you, my life on the workbench would be so much more rewarding.

Mike, I just wanted you to know that, back in those days when you brought your treasures in for me to work on them, the pleasure was on my end too.  It served as a reminder why I decided to do this kind of work so many years ago.

Thanks Mike for this memorable experience.

If you ever find yourself in the area, my door is always open to you.

Best Regards,

Rich Koerner,
Time Electronics.

Specialists in Live Sound FOH Engineering,
Music & Studio Production,
Vintage Instruments, and Tube Amplifiers

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