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The Technical Classroom was actually created to answer the many questions on vacuum tubes I have received through the years on the subject of vacuum tubes, and their history in the world of music reproduction.

I received my degree in vacuum tube electronics technology in 1966 from Union Technical Institute.  The faculty was comprised of degreed employees from the cutting edge Electronics Industry Corporations located here in New Jersey.  My teachers held engineering positions with industry giants like RCA, Lockeed, Bell Labs, and Tungsol.  Included was a two week Value Engineering Seminar conducted by representatives from the Bell Labs think tank.  In my graduating year IBM sent a bus for a field day trip to tour their Endicott New York complex to recruit students from UTI.

I continued my education through "Industry" involvement in the Music, Audio, and R&D fields since.

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Vacuum Tubes - The Theory vs Evidence Concept
Vacuum Tubes - The Thomas "Edison Effect"
Vacuum Tubes - The Military Forced Development
Vacuum Tubes - The Legacy From WWII
Vacuum Tubes - The Myths & Snake Oil
Vacuum Tubes with Electronic Musical Instruments
Vacuum Tubes & The Missing Fundamental


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