An Original 1976 Telecaster Strat Custom

This guitar was result of a brainstorm Rich had in 1976. Going for the shorter string length on the higher strings gave the mechanical advantage of more pitch change for a given stretch of the string over the traditional right-handed designed neck. The neck used for this guitar is actually a right-handed neck with a left-handed headstock. The side markers are positioned for a right-handed player. With the assistance from Freddie Travares & Charlie Davis of Fender, this hand-made neck was supplied for this guitar project. 

Next, the sound from this guitar had to offer a broader range of high and low end sonics along with a higher than normal level of output. Three 1967 Guild Starfire III pickups were chosen and modified for this purpose. Three toggle switches, one volume, one tone, and a single 3pos switch are the controls for a stereo or mono output.

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