The Scrapbook Chronicles

When The Music Was Real, Raw, and Low Tech.

Pictures #1-A & #1-B

Rich and his Modified 1962 Jazz Bass. Notice the dates on the photos.


The High Hat Lounge Dover NJ.           Chatter Box Seaside NJ.

Pictures #2-A & #2-B
Purchased in 1962, Rich engineered a stainless steel bridge and tremolo system for his Jazz Bass. Added to the bass is a 3 position pickup selector and the drum stick was used to slap & pop the strings. Pictured on the right is the last of the "Band Jacket" days when a sax was an important  part of a rock and roll band.


Rich Plays Thumb Style On Guitar

Picture #3

Purchased in 1964, this 1962 left over was modified in 1968 to this final form.


Rich Comes Back To The Stage in 1988

Playing those Power Trio songs from the Great Rock Bands of the Past.


This is, the Original Fender Club of NJ.

Original Fender Club Picture #6
From L to R: 1959 , 1962, 1956, 1966 with added J-Bass pickups (See Below),
1959, 1959, and a 1962.  This picture was taken in 1972. No re-issues here!
Special thanks to Jeff Taylor, second from the left, for your help confirming the dates

This Modified Fender Precision Bass seen here originated at Time Electronics

The First 57 Chevy's At NAMM 1987

Picture #9

Rich with Richard Excellente at the NAMM Show unveiling
the A/S 57 Chevy guitars that Rich painted for the Show.


Rich Visits Fender with Fender

Rich visits at Fender with Bill Thomas in 1987.


Thanks Jim For All Your Help

The man behind the sound of the Jimi Hendrix.


A Concert At Jones Beach

Rich & Eric Jones Beach H.O.R.D.E.  1992

Rich & Eric check out the nose bleed section at Jones Beach before Rich Koerner Engineered FOH for the Spin Doctors show on this Augest 1992 H.O.R.D.E. tour date.

A Beautiful Summer Day For Rock N Roll

Picture #10

L to R: John Popper, Eric Schenkman, mystery person, & Rich Koerner.



   New Year's Eve 1991

Eric Shenkman and Rich Koerner in the dressing room, before Rich engineered FOH for the Spin Doctors, at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Also appearing with the Spin Doctors were Chris Whitley and Blues Travler.


Rich Plays At The Improviser's Laboratory


(Photo from April 26, 2005 by Chris Koch)

  All Blue- 9:58 - 4/26/05
Shout Under Water - 6:33 - 4/26/05
Ya Feelin Funky - 8:14 - 4/26/05


Dinosaurumpus - 6:00 - 4/25/06
Ali Ali Oxen Free - 7:40 - 2/28/06
Home On The Dynamic Range - 9:50 - 9/26/05
 Song Number 2 - 5:38 - 2/28/06


 Rich At The Dunellen Theater Jam



 Rich Plays At The Orphan Annie's Sunday Night Jam



 Rich with Bob Lanza's Blues Band
 Hosting Saturday's Blues Jams

It's *Old School* Blues In The RAW
(Best Listened To At Lower Volume)

I Ain't Doing Too Bad At All 10:46  9.9meg

Have You Ever Been Mistreated  9:23  7.5meg

Mind Your Own Business  4:53  3.9meg

I Would Do Most Anything  9:05  8.3meg


On the Road with Dawn Silva

An Orginal Bride of Funkenstine.


Having Fun On the Road

Rich clowns it up with a happy fan.

The Funksters
    Bernie Worrell, Gabe Gonzalez, and Moon having a Funky time for Rich's camera before the show.
    Bernie, there are two very important things I have to tell ya.

    First... in this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets.  And in the universe, a probability of three million trillion galaxies like this.  And in all that, and perhaps more...
    only one of each of us.

    The other thing is....  there is no way I'm going to get the sub woofers from this DJ  system wired into the house mains in time for tonight's show.


    L to R: BJ, Donna McPherson, Bernie Worrell, Van Romaine,
    Rich Koerner, Michael "Moon" Rubin, and Greg Fitz.



Some Funky Kats

Picture #3

Rich hooks up with Buckethead & Bootsy Collins at NAMM 2003 for some Funky stuff.

Ever notice the effect that Funky people have on a digital camera.

Now that's, a pile of "Cool Funk" in a picture!!!!


My old friend Cindy with the Ice Man.


Rich Visits with Bill Lawrence

Bill, Becky, Rich, and Frank.

Bill gives Rich the details on a *partical level*, how the
photon will effect the inductance of a guitar pickup.
Many thanks to Clarke Blanton for arranging
this meeting and taking the pictures.

From The Archives

Pick Up & Delivery Back In The Day

At Rondo Music on Rt #22 Union NJ - March 1, 1972


Back In The Day When The Multicell Was King

Just uncrated are four JBL 2380 FOH multicellular horns.  Each were later fitted with a pair of 2480 drivers.  The two JBL 2360 multicellular horns were fitted with one 2480 driver for stage side fill use.  (top of van)
 Union NJ - Summer, 1972

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