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After Over 35 years of Experience as an "A" Rated Gibson Service Center,Time Electronics Is No Longer An Official Gibson Service Center
After More Than 30 Years of Faithful Service and Experience,
Time Electronics Is No Longer An Official Fender Service Center
Contact Information Update - Because of the ever increasing amount of E-Mail and SPAM that fills our mailbox daily, and the number of phone calls that come in , we have been forced to make come changes in these areas.

The Telephone - First, our primary means of contact is still the old-fashioned, fast and efficient telephone.  The phone hours are 12:00 NOON - 5:00 PM  and 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST.  Monday - Friday.

We no longer have the Call Waiting feature on our telephone line.  It was found to be very disruptive to our callers with the constant beeping throughout a conversation.  You can just put a person on HOLD so many times in one phone call.  So, in fairness to our callers, we removed Call Waiting. 

Now what this means is, you ARE going to get that old-fashioned BUSY SIGNAL when we are speaking with another customer,  so you  will need to hit your re-dial button in order to get through.

However, once you get through, you are not going to be interrupted by Call Waiting ever again.  It's just so much better that way.

E-Mail - With the ever increasing amout of SPAM, over 2,500 a day without the filters in place, we still have over 300 per day coming through the filters. 

These have to be DELETED manually everyday.  There have been times where we have mistakenly DELETED some important E-Mail from our mailbox.

To prevent this from happening and to get YOUR E-Mail to stand out from the spam. PLEASE TYPE IN THE SUBJECT LINE, IN ALL CAPS, HEY RICH!!!!!

That way we will see you in the mailbox

Internship Program Now Available - Through the years we have offered to take in an intern or two, who are looking for a career in the technical side of the Music Industry. The basics of instrument and amplifier function is where it all begins. Where things end up depends on the individual intern's learning ability in their choice of the instrument and/or amplifier fields. 

Everything studied from books is applied to actual hands-on bench work in the shop. When the knowledge and skill levels are developed enough, the intern is paid for the completed  bench work.

For information on this opening, contact Rich Koerner by e-mail or call 908-353-0933.

E Mail  Please refrain from replying via private e mail unless you wish to inquire about hiring our expertise. Questions about any of the services offered on our website and/or the many custom options available to our clientele are -always- welcome, -and always answered promptly.

For operational advice and product recommendations, consider posting to the usenet newsgroups, read reviews, FAQ's, and visit manufacturers websites and tech support. (Many quality reference sources can already be found via our links page!) Time Electronics' technicians visit these forums often during non shop hours, and we're always glad to offer our input, when warranted, in that format. Thanks for your understanding in this matter, and we look forward to serving you in the future!

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